Friday, August 13, 2010

Blessed Be The Name of the Lord!!!

The Lord was gracious to us again….we were able to go down to Windsor on the weekend and have a great visit with friends and family. We hung out at moms house mostly and everyone came there. Saturday morning was lots of fun, we decided to go to the local market. With grandma, grandpa, moms and dads with 7 little ones in tow we sampled the products….popcorn, sausage, fresh bread, more sausage, chocolate and lots of fruits and veges….kids just loved it…I think the big ones did too. I sure did. Monday we headed back home but stopped in Kitchener to visit with Atilla and Caroline…more food and friends and family…wow we are so blessed…

By the time we got home my hair was just coming out in handfuls so Rebekah helped me again….she cut it first and then shaved it…its less messy this way. I thought maybe it will be easier this time but its still hard loosing my hair…then a faithful friend sent me this reminder:
“the Lord gave you such a beautiful gift for all your life until now, can you sacrifice it to Him? Can you give it back to Him in thanksgiving and say to Him, “Thank you Lord for giving me this wonderful gift for all these years, I now give it back to you for as long as You wish it?
May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ extend itself to you to such an extent that you will be enabled to do this for the One Who sacrificed all for you.”
Thank you Lord, this sure puts everything back into perspective….there is a purpose, there is a plan…I rest in that.

“The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away. Blessed be the name of the LORD” (Job 1:21).

Well Thursday came and went….I did not get my chemo treatment….my blood counts were still too low so the doc held off treatment for another week. Good news is that things are headed in the right direction, red, white and platelet blood counts are going up on their own…this extra week will just give them more time to recover. Doc is happy with how treatment is going, the chemo is working….he is lowering the dosage so the tumor will shrink but not me :)

Please continue praying that my family and I will “Turn our eyes upon Jesus and the things of this earth will become strangely dim.”

In His Hands,


  1. YEA!!!! Wish I could of been there in Windsor. You guys can still schedule Cedar Point so I can get you and bring you to my place. You definately will be pampered! We love you all so much and stand with you prayer! I was just humming "what a friend we have in Jesus" so I leave you with those beautiful lyrics! Ani

  2. WONDERFUL news that the chemo is working! I'm sorry you're losing your hair again, but I love how your friend put it all in perspective in such a beautiful way! Praise God!
    Beth, John, and Arianna

  3. Miriam, your courage is amazing. I have been praying for you since I heard of your plight and my whole family is continuing to pray for you in your continued journey through this battle. I admire you so much Miriam and I am sending you all my love and prayers and best wishes.

  4. Miriam, I feel so blessed to have had the privilege of seeing you last Saturday! You looked more beautiful than ever before (and it's not just your gorgeous curly hair that made you beautiful-- it's Jesus shining through you). I'm still pondering the inspiring and refreshing thoughts you shared with me, insights about this life and about heaven, truths you're learning as you study John 14. What an encouragement. Keep fixing your eyes on Jesus and sharing Him with us. We love you, Miriam. Lorna

  5. Miriam... I love you and am so blessed to know you... God radiates through your tender sweet spirit... *hugs and prayers...* <3 mary

  6. Rob and Sheila MartonAugust 16, 2010 at 6:29 PM

    We wished that we lived closer and could see you more often. Thanks so much for this blog and all of your updates; it helps us to know how to pray for you.
    God Bless,
    Rob and Sheila Marton.