Friday, December 24, 2010

Pre-Christmas Update

Well it’s been many weeks that I haven’t been able to update my blog. One of my major symptoms lately has been not being able to focus and experiencing confusion.
This has been told to us by the doctors that it will happen. So I asked Nandor and Christina help me. We had a very busy last month with visitors to our home. My sister Christina and her family with my mom, my cousin Aniko with her family from Ohio and just recently I was happy to have Nandor’s parents and sister coming to visit from Hungary. It was neat to have three full generations under one roof. Our parents, us and our children. We also celebrated two birthdays in the last month Rebekah turned 20 on Nov. 16th and Jessica 18 on Dec 16th. This obviously required some shopping that I could only do with the assistance of a wheelchair. Lately I have a really hard time eating and drinking or keeping things down. I have lost about 30 lbs in the last month or so. We had what turned out to be our last visit to my oncologist. When he observed my condition he has concluded that there is nothing that he can do for me in the future and no other appointments would be necessary. God has again helped our family to arrive safely in Windsor for our annual Christmas celebration. I am receiving daily nursing visits while I am visiting. There have been many of my friends and family that make their way to see me in the last few days. It might just sound trivial and sounds that I am just repeating myself but God is so faithful and so Good to us He is our strength. Please keep praying that we will all see Him in His strength High and lifted.