Monday, January 17, 2011

Life Continues

Please pray for Jessica.. A few years ago we found a mass on her left elbow……the doc has been following it since than. She was sent away for a CAT scan before Christmas and last week they did an MRI on her. She is being referred to a Neurosurgeon….so we are waiting for that appointment….Again Our Trust is in the Lord!!!!!!! He has been completely fairthful til now…..

When peace like a river attended my way…….

Please continue praying…

In my Fathers hands


  1. I always pray for you and your family my dear. Do take care and call/email anytime.

    Marian & Leo

    xxx ooo

  2. We are praying for her Sister....and we'll be there for her....

    Love you so much xoxox

    Your Bro

  3. Dear Miriam And Jessie,

    As always, I will continue to pay and my prayers are now extended to see that Jessie's elbow will be ok and that she is not having any pain. Please take good care my dear Friend.
    With all my love,

  4. Thanks for sharing this request, Miriam. Our faithful God will give your daughter Jessica the grace she needs for every trial, as He has given you.

    Dear Jessica,
    You are a great blessing to me. I am encouraged in the Lord every time I see you and hear from Miriam how you are doing. I praise God for the evidences of His grace in your life, and I know that He will be with you as you go through surgery or whatever lies ahead.
    Praying for you,

  5. I jut found this blog while googling for bible verses. I lost a father at 15 years of age and God was there through it all... I was barely a 4 months old Christian when my Dad passed away, yet I could feel God's hand as I struggled to come to terms it a new life. Its been 5 years since he passed away and I have my ups and downs in life still. But I know God never left me... If I can't see His hands, I trust His heart.

    Your blog has really helped me and I know it will for the people who has stumbled upon it. Although its been about 10 months now, I hope your family is doing fine.

    Thank you for this blog, really!

    Love from S.E.Asia