Sunday, August 9, 2009

Home again

Thank you all for your prayers. My hemoglobin went up and I am feeling like a million dollars this morning. Mind you I camped out in the er for 12 hours but it sure helped!! I felt like I was in the er movie, all kinds of people came through, woman from prison, guy that fainted in the barber chair, roll over accident.
God is so GOOD!!! now I get to go to church and worship, what a priviledge....
Praise God from whom ALL blessing flow!!!

In His Hands,


  1. Dear Miriam this is your Bro Dave ,Been Prayin for you and always thinkin of you.I'm doing a Benifit Concert for you as a Out reach in the Community on Aug 29th and Sept 12th . We are all Praying for you Love your bro Dave

  2. Miriam...So glad that you are feeling better...I am sure the ER was an interesting experience....:)...We are praying for you as your long week approaches and that you may have a good week.....Love from the Dehaans...

  3. An amazing picture of grace, breathtakingly beautiful and heart wrenching at the same time. My tears have been wrung out to my very heart.
    We always pray for you at church and you are continuously on our minds here at home.

  4. Dear Miriam, you are in our prayers, and we want to assure you that God has already provided everything you need for this journey.
    Keep the faith!

    Rob and Anita