Wednesday, December 23, 2009


My Dear Praying Friends and Family,

Just a quick update…The Lord has sent us a time of refreshment… I have been feeling wonderful, the extreme tiredness and heaviness after radiation has lifted and I feel like myself again…well almost. I still get tired a lot but that just comes with the territory. Now its “wait and see” time….Its a hard but sweet place to be, I get to be close to my Jesus like never before…constantly going to Him for comfort, strength as the needs come up...and He is always there in power and love, He knows what I am going through because He has been there…And that brings me to how special this Christmas season is.
As we celebrate how Jesus came as a baby let us never forget that that is just half the story… He came to die…That is the “Joy to the World” that we sing about. The one who made the universe and the one who gives each one of us the next breath came as a baby, grew up and lived among us. When the time came He went to the cross to do what He came for…(For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16) to make a way for us to get back into relationship with Himself…without which we are all hopeless, naturally we run from God not too Him….Because we all mess up (sin) at one point or another in our life…some of us more than others…we need to pay for it with our life…But have you heard???…we don’t have to die for our sins because Jesus did it for us….all we have to do is believe Him….and then the perfect life he lived gets put into our account so at the end when we meet God (which all of us will) He will see a perfect life and we will get an entrance into Heaven that only perfection can enter….Wow what a deal is that!!!!!! And then on top of all that the moment you believe you start eternal life… this is really living….EVERYTHING that comes your way is for your benefit and good because its all designed to make you like Jesus and prepare you for heaven. In this season of my life this everything has included some bad things like cancer etc but ultimately these are all GOOD Rom. 8:28. This is the reason I can rejoice and celebrate the birth of Jesus this year like never before because I know a little bit more about how much I am loved by the King of the universe. My wish for you is if you don’t know Him seek Him and the ones that know Him bask is His love and give it away. Have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year.

On a lighter note my hair is growing back CURLY….

Thank you all for your prayers.
In His Loving Hands,

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  1. Thanks for your Inspiring words! I love you so much. You look like you did when you were young and you got those short haircuts. It looks faboulous!!! Merry Christmas and an Incredible New Year! Ani