Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Big 40

March 9th was my big 40. I thank God for letting me enjoy it...I think I was the happiest 40 yr old....After this year, there is no complaining of getting old.... just thanksgiving...Thanks Ray and Aniko, what a surprise!!! just wanted to show you how the flowers looked....beautiful...

Its growing but still extremely

I had to kick back and relax all day and that evening my family brought me out to a Mexican Restaurant for dinner yummm. Then on Friday morning as if my bday wasn't enough I got a note saying I have to go shopping til 5:00pm (as commanded by my children and husband) and be at The Callander Wellness Spa at 1:30...I didn't know who sent me for that...while I was there my sister Christina called....she got me a 1hr pedicure....thanks so much sis... Then as I get home after a hard day of shopping and going to the spa there are cars everywhere.....They totally surprised me... 26 people were over celebrating my a shock...I am still speechless... thank you everyone...

Celebrating life,
In His Hands,


  1. You look amazing!!!!! thank you so much for posting the pictures. it makes me feel like i'm closer in proximity than i really am. Lots of love and prayers - ani

  2. Happy Birthday Sis!!!!love to see the pictures!!!!And great Job to NANDI!!!! and the kids for pulling off the SURPRISE party!!!

    Lots of Love!!!xoxox


  3. That sounds like a great birthday! and i love the hair!!! miss you and am counting the days to see you :)

  4. Happy happy belated birthday Mirike!! What a wonderful surprise. God is wonderful!! May you enjoy MANY many more birthdays and anniversaries!!

    Love Always,