Thursday, July 29, 2010


Its been a week since I had my chemo treatment. Wow what a difference….God has brought me relief, sweet Sat-Sun the time between taking my pain meds kept increasing…honestly I kept forgetting to take them….but that is a good thing because that meant the pain was subsiding and the tumor is shrinking??!!. (we hope) By Mon I was totally off the pain meds and feeling really good. The doc told us if this chemo works, it will happen fast and praise be to God it did…Its a lot easier chemo treatment this time, I just has some sores in my mouth and esophagus but no nausea. At this point my hair is still in tact but they said that will probably go again :(
My family doc called to see how I was doing yesterday and was very pleased…he said just roll with it and enjoy….and that is exactly what we are doing….Christina and Ryan and kids are coming tomorrow for the long weekend, my friend Mary is coming to visit from California next week….and if I feel good we’ll make more plans…

I had this verse sent to me this week and I just wanted to share it… Its absolutely amazing that something Jesus said to a fisherman in Jerusalem, who was confused, scared, and not having much faith at the time would mean SO much to a confused, scared etc. child of His in Trout Creek almost 2000 years later….You just can’t get more personal than that….words cannot express it but I feel loved….

Jesus said, “What I am doing you do not understand now, but you will understand later.” John 13:7

Please keep praying...
In His Hands


  1. ...all i know is im just smiling after reading this email!!!!!

    Love your Bro!!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing your life with us and for the good report on how you are feeling! Oh how I wish the miles were fewer. Thank God that a prayer knows no bounds. I love you and daily talk to our Father about you. Ani

  3. Bánsági RenátaJuly 30, 2010 at 2:24 AM

    Dear Miriam!

    I am Renata your cousin from Budapest. I am Otto's daughter.
    Sweet Miriam You are so AMAZING. Your faith is so strong and wonderful. I am so admire and proud of you. I always read your blog and translate your sentences to my family. We pray for you all days and I know that you will be healthy. Your family and God give you love and care for you. We think of you every day and spend you our LOVE from Budapest.

    We love you and pray for you.
    I hope you understand me my engilsh is not perfect:)

    Sok PUSZI NEKED: Renáta

  4. Miriam, that is a beautiful verse to hold on to. I praise God for the relief He has given. Thanks for the update.
    With love & prayers,

  5. Just read your post - we are so thrilled that you are feeling better and that you could have a nice visit with your family! Praise God for His abundant blessings!!
    We continue to pray for you!
    Beth, John, and Arianna

  6. Thank you for sharing this verse. I needed it today!!! Love Mere