Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Writing from Sudbury (posting a few days later)

I am so blessed for having the Lord watch so closely after me. I have been having light nausea for the last 10-15 days; it’s been getting worse, so last week I called my oncologist. They set me up for an appointment Wed (squeezed me in before the holiday) Well thanks be to God, after a lot of testing they found that the calcium level in my blood was way up high in the critical level, usually people are in a coma at this level. They immediately admitted me to start getting it lowered and to re hydrate me. Bad things happen to major organs if this doesn’t get resolved quickly. So as I write today (Thursday) these things are getting resolved quite nicely. But now the next and bigger question is why did my body do this? So far we just treated the symptom. He is now sending me for a bone scan, abdominal, lung and brain scan. These should indicate what caused this…we hope. It’s typically a sign the cancer is active somewhere in my body.

Its always so exciting to write down some of the providential things that happened, you just cannot deny that Gods hands are in all this…..we were planning on a trip to Ohio for the long week end so I would have been a lot farther along in the critical state…..I got an appointment before the weekend….I got admitted, they had a bed…….I am in the hospital so the scans can get done here and now…. I would have had to wait a lot more in North Bay to get these tests done…..and on top of all this I got a private room….God is so amazing…

Again we ask for your prayers. We know you are praying and that’s why we ask because God is faithful and He answers His children’s prayers. Not that this is an easy place to be but His grace just keeps coming every morning and lasts well into the night. Then when we wake up it’s a whole new batch of fresh grace and He is not stingy….He just pours it on. We are having awesome days as a family full of laughter and giggling….the peace that God put on every inch of this household is mind-boggling....Nandor is busy doing some projects around the house, children are busy and having fun with all the summer activities…

“Therefore we do not lose heart, even though our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day.” 2 Cor 16-18

Also please pray that this would be more and more true of the whole family. I wish I could explain it but the real me “inward man” is so full of hope and joy that sometimes I just break down and cry and ask God why me? Why am I your child? But the good news is that is can be any of yours that are reading this blog….God loves you and wants this for everyone who believes in Him… John 3:16.

And please pray for this “outward man” also, I have been feeling touch and go..one day good next not so good. Pray that the Lord would intervene and heal my body, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt He can do it if its His will and plan.

We love you all,
In His Hands


  1. I feel honoured that I am sister of yours! What a blessing you are to everyone reading this. I am wishing that I am hugging you right now. The verse.."with God, all things are possible" seems so real. God is not finished with you Miriam..you are His light..and you are fire! Praise God..Your lil' sis, Christina

  2. Miriam, you are truly an inspiration to me. Your trust and faith is so strong. We love you so much and pray that God will give you strength to endure all the pain that you are going through. We pray that we your will have more good days than bad. Lots of hugs,

  3. I to am honoured to have a sister like you ....I am thinking of you every day ....And love you so much

    Your Bro

    Ed xoxoxox

  4. i am gathering all my praying capability i will be continously praying for you everywhere and allthe time for being success with shrinking that wicked tumor.

  5. You are such an inspiration of faith to all. Your daughter worked with me this past winter/spring and is such a delight. Your strength and believe in God radiates through Bec.
    I truly believe that you are someone who has found lifes purpose and is living a purpose driven life. Julie